Once the Sidekick working your ongoing job has finished their shifts, they will submit their timesheet via their Sidekicker portal. You will be notified when their timesheet is ready to review. 

You will be able to review your Sidekick’s hours and leave a review and rating as normal via the ‘Sidekicks’ tab on the job and clicking ‘Review’ hours. 

Once you’re happy with your Sidekick’s hours, you can complete your job, or roll it over. 

On the job page, you will see two options: Roll Over or Complete Job. 

Rolling over a job will prompt you to enter a new payment period for your chosen Sidekick. We recommend you discuss with your Sidekick what the ideal timesheet period would be - we recommend setting a job to rollover either weekly or fortnightly.

If your project has now finished and you no longer require your Sidekick, you can simply click ‘Complete Job’ to finalize your job and complete payment. 

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