We at Sidekicker try to take the best possible headshot during your interview/onboarding session! We also understand that some people may want to change this picture after their accounts become active. 

We have very particular guidelines on the platform as we want everyone's photo to fit the dimensions adequately and also the look. For these reasons you will not be able to upload a profile picture of your own choosing after the initial Application phase. 

If you would like to change your profile picture please send us the following:

Headshot square to the camera
Plain White Background
Clearly taken (not blurry or fuzzy from low lighting or poor cellphone cameras)
The photo should be in colour

If the photo is suitable we will change that for you. However, we have maintain the right to reject photos we believe will not fit within the look and feel of the Sidekicker platform. This is more to help your profile be competitive not jeopardise your chances of any jobs! 

Happy Sidekicking!!

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