During your interview session our team will give you guidelines on how to complete your profile on Sidekicker to give you the best chance of being selected for a shift.  

Don't take our suggestions lightly as having a more complete profile will give you a better chance of landing those shifts! 

To begin,

  • Log in to your Sidekicker account
  • On the right hand side, select ‘View Profile’, and then ‘Edit Profile’

1. Biography section [Recommended length: 2 paragraphs]

  • Introduce yourself with a friendly greeting
  • Talk about what you are currently doing (study, work, travel etc.)
  • Outline your work experience (industries, roles and skills gained)
  • Finish with your key strengths and why you would be a great Sidekick


2. What you do when you're not Sidekicking [Recommended length: 3-4 sentences]

  • Include your interests, hobbies and what you do for fun

3. Work Categories [Select up to 4 work categories]

  • Select your top four work categories to talk about on your profile (you will still be eligible for all categories - these are just categories you wish to highlight on your profile).

Protip: Always ensure to highlight the highest “level” of job achieved. 

For example, “Banquet staff” over “Wait Staff”, “Brand Ambassador” over “Flyering”.

4. Why you’re great for these jobs [Recommended length: 3-4 sentences]

  • For each of the four subcategories you have selected, write about your strengths, experience and why you would enjoy working in this subcategory

5. Experience [Recommended length: No more than 200 characters]

  • Add your experience, including your employer, type of role, time frame and a brief description of your role. Please also check the relevant subcategory boxes for the experience (e.g. for restaurant work, you could select “Bar Staff” & “Wait Staff”)

Protip: Use all 200 characters to make your experience stand out.

Example 1: Wait Staff

Why you’re great for these jobs: 


Example 2: Brand Ambassador

Why you’re great for these jobs:



The Certificates section includes a list of required and optional certificates for you to upload - such as RSA, Police Check or Working with Children check. 

To upload a certificate, click the certificate name and upload the file from your computer. 

If you have a printed version of the certificate, ask a member of the Sidekicker team to scan it and upload it to your profile for you.


The Account Settings section contains all of the pertinent information Sidekicker requires in order to complete your on-boarding. 

There are four tabs within the Account Settings that must be completed. 

1. Account Details

  • Full name, address, gender, email, phone number and date of birth
  • Feel free to add additional information like a link to your LinkedIn account or Twitter
  • Your full address, including number and street name
  • Emergency contact details

2. Employment Details

  • Your superannuation fund and membership number (if you have one). Otherwise select ‘no’ and we will set you up with our default superannuation fund, “Australian Super” (www.australiansuper.com)
  • Your Tax File Number (TFN)
  • Complete the tax declaration checklist
  • Read through attached documents (2) and tick the boxes to confirm.

 3. Documentation

  • Upload any relevant documentation (e.g. right to work visa, bank details and Tax File Number)

4. Payment Information

  • Full name
  • Bank details including bank name, BSB number and account number


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