We at Sidekicker understand that there are times when you will be unable to make a shift. However we take withdrawing from a shift you have been accepted for very seriously. Withdrawals may impact your reliability score and put you at risk of having your account cancelled.

When are Withdrawals allowed? 

Please only withdraw if you are sick with a Doctors Certificate or Statutory Declaration. Send your Doctor's Certificate or Statutory Declaration to support@sidekicker.com.au so that your Reliability Score is not affected.

Who do I call to withdraw from a shift?

                - 1800 665 035 (AUS)
                - 0800 003 998 (NZ)

All withdrawals are recorded and may impact your Reliability Score and future on the platform. If you do inform Sidekicker that you will be withdrawing before the start of your shift shift, or if your Reliability Score falls below 80%, your Sidekicker account will be deactivated.

What is a Statutory Declaration?

A Statutory Declaration is a written document that must be completed in front of an authorised witness. You can find information on how to obtain a Statutory Declaration in Australia here or New Zealand here.

How is the Reliability Score calculated?

All Sidekicks must maintain a Reliability Score of 80% or above. The Reliability Score is a percentage of the number times you attended a shift, out of the last 10 shifts you completed. If you have not yet completed 10 shifts, the score is based on 10 shifts to give you an opportunity to improve.

How can I improve my Reliability Score?

You can improve your Reliability Score by completing more shifts with Sidekicker. Withdrawals accompanied by a doctor's certificate or statutory declaration do not count towards your Reliability Score. 

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