Your responsibilities:

Sidekicker allows you to work independently. You can be completely flexible with the jobs that you take on.

Your relationship with Sidekicker during SKPLUS jobs: 

For SKPLUS jobs Sidekicker is required to employ you on a casual basis to provide a range of services to the clients who have advertised temping roles which you have applied for on You will be offered work assignments on an “as needed” basis. As a casual employee, there is no guarantee of ongoing or regular work. You are not obliged to accept any particular work assignment offered to you.

Each work assignment you accept will be considered to be a separate engagement with us which will terminate upon completion of the assignment. We may terminate any work assignment early by giving you reasonable notice.

For any work assignment you accept, you agree to carry out all tasks reasonably required of you by the client, having regard to your skills, training and experience. You agree to perform your duties to the best of your ability and comply with any reasonable instructions, or policies or manuals provided by us or the client.

Your relationship with Sidekicker during SKMARKET jobs: 

Under SKMARKET you are not an employee of Sidekicker.

You have full control of what projects you apply for.

You incur all of the liability of completing the project, and if you do not complete the project correctly you risk not being paid.

For some projects you can determine the location of work, this is to be worked out with your client.

You are responsible for expenses incurred in completing a project and may be able to claim these back to the client as an additional charge. These will be agreed upon with the client prior to completing the job.

You may be responsible for bringing your own equipment, namely a laptop.

Your relationship with the job poster

Once you are accepted for a job posted on you have formed a freelance employment relationship with the job poster for the fixed term of the job.

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