In the Sidekicker App you will have access to shifts available in the different categories you have been approved for. You'll also be able to track your jobs through the different statuses, form Applied to Completed. 

The tab on the top that says "Categories" will allow you to filter your dashboard based on specific roles. To see all jobs you have access to ensure you have selected "All"

The tab on the left will allow you to cycle through jobs you have in different statuses on the platform. A job will start in "Open", after you submit your application statement to a job it will move to "Applied". 

If your application is successful you will receive a notification and the job will move to "Active". This is where you can see all the details of your shift and log your hours once completed.

After you complete your timesheet the job will move into "Awaiting Review". Here is where hours are confirmed for payment and reviews are left by the employer. Once all of that is complete, the job will move into "Completed".

Payments are processed weekly on Sidekicker for all jobs with an end date in the previous week. Your earnings will appear in your account on Friday. To find out more about payments please visit the help article How and when do I get paid through Sidekicker?

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