Star ratings allow Sidekicker to ensure a great experience for both Sidekicks and clients. 

After each shift, clients and Sidekicks rate each other on a five-star scale and can give feedback on how the job went. This two-way rating system holds everyone accountable for their own behaviour.

You can find your star rating in the 'View profile' section on the Desktop version of your Sidekicker account. 

How is the star rating calculated?

Each time you complete a shift, you will receive a star rating of 1 to 5 stars from the client. Your overall star rating is an average of these star ratings across all of your completed shifts. 

Is there a minimum star rating for Sidekicks?

Sidekicks must maintain a minimum average star rating of 4. Sidekicker will alert you if your rating is approaching this limit or if you receive a rating below 4 stars for the first time. 

If your average rating falls below 4 stars after receiving a warning from Sidekicker, your Sidekicker account will be deactivated, and you will be sent an email informing you of the action. You will have an opportunity to provide Sidekicker with further information on what happened on the job which will be assessed on a case by case basis.

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