If other members of your business will be managing their staff via Sidekicker, you can add them as users to your business’s account so they can manage their staffing needs.

Under ‘Users’ you can see all the staff who currently have access to the platform. 

To add a user, simply click the ‘Invite User’ button and enter their email. They will receive an email prompting them to register on Sidekicker, and will then be able to access Sidekicker’s features. You can also add them to any Sites which will be relevant for them. 

Further, you can select the level of access required for them. 

Admin Access

Users can: 

  • Add and delete users
  • Create sites
  • Create and delete talent pools
  • Post, view, edit, activate and cancel requests

Limited Access

Users can: 

  • Post, view and activate requests
  • Create and delete talent pools

You can change these details at any time by clicking on the user’s name on the User list. 

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