What is the Certsy Right to Work Check?

The Certsy Right to Work Check (RTW) is an instant online visa and passport check to ensure Sidekicks have working rights in Australia and it is a requirement to complete work with Sidekicker.

What if I have not completed the Certsy Right to Work Check?

If you have not completed the Certsy Right to Work check, you will not be able to see any shifts on your Sidekicker app or desktop.

How do I complete the Certsy Right to Work Check?

Step 1: Go to the website e.sidekicker.com/Certsy

Step 2: Complete the form with your name, email, date of birth and postcode, and submit the details.

Step 3: Enter details of your passport, medicare or visa documents.

  • For Australian citizens: You can use Medicare card, Passport or Australian Citizen Certificate.
  • For non-Australian citizens: You can use your Passport or Visa.

Step 4: Screenshot the results of your check and upload it to your profile.

Screenshot the results of the check and upload it through the certificate section, under the ‘Certsy Right to Work Check’ certificate on your profile. 

Step 5: Add an expiry date to the certificate on your profile

  • For Australian citizens, expiry date = 01/01/2030.
  • For Temporary Visas, expiry date = the listed on the Certsy check.
  • For Bridging Visas, expiry date = 3 months after the date you completed the Certsy check.

What if the Certsy Right to Work check results come back as Inconclusive?

If the results of your check come back as inconclusive and you are not an Australian citizen, you can check if your visa is valid using VEVO. The VEVO check requires your visa evidence number, date of birth, passport number and country of the passport.

The VEVO website looks like this:

If the VEVO check comes back as verified, please upload the VEVO verification document as a certificate under 'Certsy Right to Work Check' on your profile with the expiry date listed on the document.

If your results continue to come back as inconclusive, this means you may not have valid working rights in Australia and we will not be able to employ you on our platform.

What if I am still having trouble verifying my working rights?

If you are still having trouble verifying your working rights or disagree with the results of your check, please email us at support@sideicker.com.au and we will look into this for you.

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