Presentation is a key criteria used to determine the outcome of your interview with Sidekicker. You be having a profile and uniform photo taken in the office, so please come prepared!

  1. Hospitality dress code:

We have very strict hospitality uniform requirements as our clients such as Rydges and Intercontinental Hotel have high uniform and presentation standards. 

The images below outline our uniform requirements for hospitality. This includes:

  • Black trousers (not jeans or leggings)
  • Black leather shoes
  • A white ironed business shirt
  • Minimal jewellery

All of these articles can be found at H&M, Kmart and Target. If you do not have a hospitality uniform you will be unable to interview for the role. 

2. Events, Promotions, Business Support or Retail dress code:
Please attend the interview in business attire. If you are applying for multiple job types, including hospitality, please wear a hospitality uniform (see above).

Please be aware that you will be required to reschedule your interview if your uniform and presentation are not acceptable, so come prepared! 

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