Yes, we have a separate service to meet the needs of individuals looking to fill ad hoc staffing needs.

Sidekicker for Individuals:

  • Sidekicker for indivduals provides a communications platform created to assist people wishing to participate in the sharing economy.
  • This platform is designed specifically for one off uses such as private parties, weddings, birthdays or other such events.
  • People looking to obtain work through this platform are hobbyists, and are not employed by Sidekicker. They are independent workers completing ad-hoc tasks under the gig economy guidelines produced by the ATO.
  • When using this platform you have a direct relationship with your Sidekick and no minimum hours or awards apply.

Costs & Payment: 

  • When posting your job,  the platform provides recommended rates according to marketplace averages. Sidekicker charges  a 25% service fee for usage of the platform.
  • All staff are covered by a $20mil public liability insurance policy and payment is made via our platform to ensure both parties are protected.
  • Payment for these jobs is facilitated through the Sidekicker platform via credit card after the job has occurred and the hours worked have been approved by the Sidekick and yourself

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