Sidekicker is one of the most cost effective ways to get on-demand staff quickly. 

We aim to ensure our rates are as transparent as possible. 

Price Breakdown: 

The total cost of hiring a Sidekick a includes the payment to the Sidekick,  plus oncosts (such as super, tax, insurance) and a 20% service fee. 

Cost of Sidekick: 

The cost to hire staff is based on the respective awards or industry averages. These are defined for every category and we ensure that all legal minimum wages are met for all our staff. 

You are able to increase the rate for any job, however the system will not let rates be posted below legal minimums.


All legal payment requirements are included in our total costs. These include superannuation payments, payroll tax, and insurance. We also ensure Sidekicks are covered under our workers compensation policies. 

Service Fee: 

Our service fee of 20% one of the lowest in the on-demand staffing industry.

Sidekicker is a self service platform and this is what allows us to be so easy and cost effective to hire short term staff. Simply login and click make request, it really is easier than sending an email and takes less than 30 seconds. 

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