To ensure the quality of our staff, we have a rigorous application process, and some of the highest staff standards in the industry.

All applicants complete an online application, then go through a one on one interview, skill testing and onboarding. 

We require high levels of previous experience across each industry Sidekick’s are approved to work in, and of all applicants only 15% go on to become approved Sidekicks on the platform. 

All Sidekicks have a detailed rated and reviewed profile on the Sidekicker platform, with details about previous employers, duties and skills all available for you to view before selecting the best Sidekicks for your job.

As Sidekick’s are rated and reviewed by clients after completing each job, Sidekick’s are accountable for their performance at each shift. Our Sidekick’s have an average rating of 4.9/5 stars. 

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