Sidekicker is one of the most cost effective ways to get on-demand staff quickly.We aim to ensure our rates are as transparent as possible. 

The total cost of hiring a Sidekick includes the following;

  • payment to the Sidekick,
  • oncosts (such as super, payroll tax, insurance), and
  • Sidekickers service fee

Payment to Sidekick: 

Sidekicker will suggest an hourly rate based on the respective awards or industry averages for the job they are performing. These are generated automatically by the Sidekicker platform when you post a job. You can always increase the hourly rate you’d like to. 


Oncosts are charges incurred when employing a worker, whether you do it yourself or via a third party.These include superannuation payments, payroll tax (where applicable), and insurances. Oncosts are charged in addition to the hourly rate paid to the Sidekick. All Sidekicks are also covered under Sidekickers workers compensation policies. 

Service Fee: 

Sidekicker charges a service fee of 20% on the total hourly rate (payment to Sidekick plus oncosts). This is one of the lowest in the on-demand staffing industry. 



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