As we hire Sidekicks who are experienced across their industry, often our Sidekicks may have other jobs, or commitments such as university, which may impact their availabilities. 

To ensure that the Sidekicks who apply for your job will be available when the day of the job comes around, our system will only post jobs live to the marketplace within 14 days of the job.

We find this is the sweet spot of being able to lock in amazing staff for shifts, while also giving your business enough time to hire a Sidekick well before a shift. 

 If you post a job that’s more than 14 days away, your job will be paused, or queued in our system, for release closer to the job date.

Once your job is 14 days away, we will email you to confirm that your job is ready to go ahead. If you need to update any details about your job, or increase or decrease the number of Sidekicks you require, you can do this before confirming the job and setting it live on Sidekicker. 

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