There are several reasons you may want to repost a job: 

  • Your previous request expired
  • You need more Sidekicks for a job where you had previously finished hiring
  • You are reposting a job similar to a previous successful request

Reposting an active job: 

If you have filled your job and finished hiring, but you need more Sidekicks than are currently allocated to your job, you can click the blue ‘Get more Sidekicks’ button on the right side of the dashboard. This will post a new, duplicated version of your job out to our available Sidekicks. 

Reposting an expired or previous request: 

You can find all previous jobs you’ve posted on the platform (both completed and expired jobs) under ‘Previous Requests’ on the left side of your dashboard. 

From here, you can see all your previous requests.

By clicking ‘Post Similar’, you’ll be prompted to enter the dates for your new job such as date, time, and hourly rate. The job title, description, category and required skills will be carried over from the previous job. 

Once you click ‘Next’ and ‘Confirm’, your new job will be posted out to all our amazing Sidekicks!

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