What is a Private Sidekick?

Businesses can manage their rostering, shift scheduling, and even payroll through Sidekicker by inviting staff members on to Sidekicker as 'Private Sidekicks'.

Being a 'Private Sidekick' means you are an employee of Sidekicker but can only view and work shifts for the business who invited you. It is really simple to join once you have accepted the invitation - the sooner you complete your Private Sidekick profile, the sooner you can start accepting shifts.

Step 1: Log in to your Sidekicker account here

Step 2: Complete all mandatory Certificates

The Certificates section includes a list of certificates for you to upload. This includes at least two mandatory certificates: OH&S Induction and Right to Work check.

OH&S Induction

The OH&S quiz should take 5-10 minutes. Screenshot your results to upload it in your Sidekicker profile under the 'Sidekicker OH&S Induction' field.

Right to Work check

To verify your right to work, you’ll need one of the following: Australian Passport or Birth Certificate, Australian Citizenship Certificate or Australian Visa. Create an account with Certsy and follow the steps. Once you're done, take a screenshot and upload this to your Sidekicker profile under the certificate 'Right to Work Check'.
Click on this link for more info on how to complete your Right to Work. 

Step 3: Fill out your Account Settings

You are required to complete your Account Settings before you can be activated on Sidekicker. The information stored here allows us to pay you appropriately.

Account Details

  • Information about YOU (date of birth, contact info)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Employment details
  • Tax File Number–this is a 9 digit number which you’re required to have to work in Australia
  • Superannuation details–if you don’t have your own Super Account already set up, we can organise one with Host Plus for you
  • There are three boxes at the bottom of this page which you will need to tick in order to save your changes.

Bank Details

  • We need your BSB and Account number to pay you–don’t forget these!

Once you have completed the above, please click on 'Submit for Approval' and our team will be in touch once you're ready to accept shifts.


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