As a Sidekick it is your responsibility to ensure you are wearing the appropriate outfit for all shifts in Hospitality. This includes Bar Hand, Bar Staff, Service Hand, Wait Staff, Banquet, Barista, and Kitchen Hand shifts. 

We give our clients an outline of standards that we expect our Sidekicks to adhere to. This ensures that they know exactly what uniform their replacement staff will be wearing and also gives our Sidekicks a set guideline to follow.

The following is what is expected of our Hospitality Uniform: 

Long sleeve, button down (fully from the neck down), crisp white top

Black, loose fitting, dress trousers that go all the way down to the ankle bone. This is for Men and Women

Plain black leather shoes. No ballet flats, sneakers, coloured stitching, Converse, heels, etc.

Additional Requirements: 

Cover visible tattoos
Remove facial piercings
No ear piercings
Neat facial appearance
No coloured nail nail polish
No bright lipstick or eye makeup

If you adhere to all of these requirements you will have no problems with any of the clients' expectations on Sidekicker! 

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