If you thought posting a shift on Sidekicker was already super quick and easy, then our templates feature is about to blow your mind. Templates are great to use if you regularly post similar shifts; it makes the process even more seamless!

Templates can be posted specifically to sites and talent pools or saved to post to all Sidekicks on the platform. 

You can find your existing templates or create a new template in the work section of your menu.

When you create a new template, you'll get a blank template that looks just like the one below. Be sure to include things like uniform requirements and any necessary prerequisites when you're filling out the description — the more information you can give Sidekicks the better.

You'll notice the option to add a template name. The name you give your template is not visible to Sidekicks so feel free to make it whatever suits you best — "my last-minute life saviours" or "the painful monthly admin audit" are all totally acceptable names for your templates. 

If you only ever post to the one location, you'll be able to preset your job contact and location details too. You can also preset who you'd like to be able to see the jobs that are posted with this template — is it for all Sidekicks or just for one of your talent pools?

Once you save your template, you can access it in the templates section of your profile. Here, you'll be able to put your template to work or edit it if anything changes. 

Each time you post a job from the template, it's important to check that all the details are still correct. Remember to pay particular attention to the address, date and time of the shift, as well as the pay rate. Don't worry, any changes you make when posting a job from a template are not saved on the original template. 

If you have any questions about templates, or notice something looks a little different to our example here, don't hesitate to reach out to our team using the blue Sidekicker chat bubble. Alternatively, you can reach us on 1800 882 694 if your in Australia and 0800 004 013 if you're in NZ. We're always here to help!

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