After making a request on Sidekicker, you’ll usually start receiving Sidekick applications within 1 - 4 hours.

  • Sidekicks will share an application statement with you (like a mini cover letter) to let you know why they think they are the best person for your job. 
  • We encourage Sidekicks to personalise these statements to address your requirements. 

As Sidekicks apply, lock in the ones you’d like to hire straight away by clicking ‘HIRE’. 

  • Sidekicks will be notified that they have been successful and the job will be added to their calendar. 
  • To remove Sidekicks you’re not interested in hiring, simply click ‘Pass’ and they will be removed from your view. 

Once you have hired the required number of Sidekicks, click ‘I'VE FINISHED HIRING’ and confirm.

Tip: If the number of Sidekicks you require is less than your original request, you can click ‘I'VE FINISHED HIRING’ at any point and Sidekicks will no longer be able to apply. 

If you have any other questions, our support team are available every day between 5am-9pm AEST. Live-chat with us from your dashboard.

Want more out of Sidekicker? You can book a 1:1 training session with us here. 

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