Here's a guide to what hospitality services we offer on Sidekicker and what skill and level of staff you can expect in each role.

Front of House Hospitality Services
Sidekicker's front of house services are broken down into four areas: Food and Beverage, Wait, Bar and other services. All Sidekick's approved in this category must pass our strict uniform and grooming standards. 

Food and Beverage Staff
These staff are perfect for functions and banquets at hotels, venues, stadiums and racecourses including members areas.

  • F&B corporate: these are our highest level of hospitality staff and are suitable for 5 star hotel or silver service establishments. They will be your perfect staff for VIP functions or boardroom meetings.
  • F&B attendant: these staff are hospitality and functions allrounders. Their skills include 3 plate carry, 5 plate clear, 50/50 drop and drinks service. Common duties include function setup, food and beverage service, assisting guests, clearing and resetting tables and packing down functions.
  • F&B service hand: commonly known as runners, our Service Hand's can assist with function setup, clearing and resetting tables and packing down functions. 

Bar Staff
These staff are great for bartending at restaurants and bars as well as functions and events. Our bar staff currently work at hotels, stadiums, racecourses, festivals, restaurants and private parties.

  • Bartender: these staff are comfortable working behind the bar or on roaming drinks service. They have a fantastic tap beer pour, can mix basic spirits, conduct wine service and clear glasses. 
  • Bar hand: our bar backs are your ideal workforce for keeping service areas clean, clearing glasses, restocking and providing drink pouring assistance. 

Wait Staff
These staff are perfect for restaurants and canape or cocktail style events. Friendly and personable, these staff are great at working the room, engaging with guests and assisting with any queries.

  • Wait staff a la carte: our restaurant waiters understand the sequence of service in restaurants and love interacting with patrons. Their skills include table waiting, order taking and drinks service. 
  • Wait staff catering: these friendly and professional staff are perfect for roaming canape and cocktail functions. Their skills include drinks tray service, finger food service and manning food stations.

The final front of house hospitality staff we have on Sidekicker include cashiers, retail food staff and baristas.

  • Cashier: our cashiers are quick on the til thanks to their cash handling experience. They're perfect for bars or retail outlets at events, stadiums and festivals. This role falls within our Events category.
  • Retail food staff: these are the ideal staff for your retail food outlet, whether it's at a stadium, festival or night market. All staff in this category are armed with a verified Food Handling certificate and can serve food such as burgers and chips and assist with wrapping if required. This role falls within our Events category.
  • Barista: our baristas are friendly, fast and have great coffee making skills. Not only do they know grinder settings, milk preparation and how to clean the coffee machine, they're also great with your guests.
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