Introduction & Philosophy

Sidekicker is committed to the fair and consistent resolution of all Sidekick grievances. To support this commitment, grievance resolution at Sidekicker is guided by these principles: 

  • Grievances will be treated with due seriousness and confidentiality
  • Prompt treatment of all Sidekick grievances
  • The grievance resolution process will be objective, fair and consistent
  • Grievances will be resolved as close to the source as possible
  • Decisions made will be impartial and with due care
  • Victimisation of a complainant will not be tolerated


What is a Grievance? 

A grievance exists when a Sidekick believes there is a problem, concern or complaint related to work or the work environment.  A grievance may relate to any act, omission, situation, decision that a Sidekick believes is unfair, discriminatory or unjustified. A grievance can relate to any of the prohibited behaviours as outlined in the ‘Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Workplace Bullying’ policy.


Grievance Resolution Process

The process below is the recommended path for grievance resolution as it will provide every opportunity to have the grievance resolved in a process that is fair and uncomplicated.  However, ultimately the grievance resolution path taken rests primarily with the person making the complaint.


Process Summary

 In brief, to resolve a grievance: 

  • Talk directly to the person involved (when comfortable to do so);
  • Discuss the matter with Sidekicker to determine a course of action


Process in Full

If you feel comfortable to do so, speak directly with the person involved.  Provide them with the opportunity to seek a resolution.  It is often the case that the person involved was not aware that their behaviour or action was causing your grievance.

If you do not feel comfortable speaking to the person directly, or by this method were unable to reach resolution, discuss the issue with Sidekicker.

To discuss a matter with Sidekicker in Australia, you can contact Sidekicker on 1800 665 035 and select option 2 or email us at

To discuss a matter with Sidekicker in New Zealand, you can contact Sidekicker 0800 003 998 and select option 2 or email us at

 Sidekicker will objectively assess the issue and next steps may include:

  • Requesting a written statement of the grievance
  • Talking to the other person / people (witnesses) involved separately and impartially to hear their side of the story
  • Discussing possible solutions to resolve the issue


Malicious Grievances

Sidekicks who lie or make a grievance that is malicious or vexatious in nature will be subject to disciplinary procedures/actions as outlined in the ‘Performance Improvement’ policy.  This may include:

  • A formal Warning
  • Dismissal

Any Sidekick who victimises another person will be subject to disciplinary action and may be removed from Sidekicker.


Protection from Victimisation

Sidekicker will not tolerate victimisation of a person who intends to:

  • Make a grievance
  • Be a witness
  • Act in good faith in bringing information or an allegation
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