Keeping you safe, healthy and happy is paramount to us. This includes being free from impairment of drugs or alcohol on your shifts.

It is well known that the overconsumption of alcohol or prescription drugs, and the use of prohibited drugs may result in the risk of injury, and may impair a person’s ability to perform their job safely, efficiently and with respect for work colleagues and clients.  

Consumption of Alcohol and Drugs and Sidekicks’ Responsibility 

As a Sidekick you are not allowed to turn up under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs ever. You may not have open alcohol containers or illegal drugs on your person at a shift.

If you need prescription drugs for a medical condition during a shift that may impair your performance or judgement, you must alert your manager prior to commencing the shift. This is so they can make sure you will be fit to perform your duties. 

If you are suspected of being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol, or possessing open alcohol containers or illegal drugs you may be asked to leave your shift.

Breach of Policy

By joining Sidekicker you are agreeing to abide by this policy. Should you fail to do so you may have your access to apply for future shifts restricted, and we may be obliged to pass on the information to the relevant authorities.


If you are dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction or dependency you can self-report this to Sidekicker. There are no disciplinary actions taken from self reporting. We will try and assist you by directing you to a professional service provider who can assist you.  

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