At Sidekicker we want to maintain a collegiate and friendly work environment that is enjoyable and safe for all Sidekicks.

Sidekicker is committed to providing a work environment that ensures the health and safety of all Sidekicks.  It is well known that the overconsumption of alcohol or prescription drugs, and the use of prohibited drugs may result in the risk of injury, and may impair a person’s ability to perform their job safely, efficiently and with respect for work colleagues and clients.  As such, Sidekicker has designed this policy to establish consistent standards for the responsible consumption of alcohol whilst at work, and the use or abuse of prohibited or prescription drugs.  

Further, it is the intention of this policy to encourage responsible service of alcohol in circumstances where it is served at a Sidekicker shift.

Consumption of Alcohol and Drugs and Sidekicks’ Responsibility 

When working for Sidekicker you are are prohibited from:

  1. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol when working
  2. Presenting yourself for work under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. This includes ingesting, inhaling or injecting any alcohol or other drug. 

It is not against the policy to take drugs that are legally prescribed by a doctor for the purposes of treating a medical condition. However, where an employee is on prescribed medication which may impair their judgement or performance, they must notify their manager/supervisor and may be unable to continue their work. This is to ensure employee safety.

Sidekicks are encouraged to notify Sidekicker about alcohol or drug related issues that have, or may, present risks to themselves or others in the workplace.  Sidekicks who are intoxicated or drug affected at work will not be permitted to continue to work until they are deemed fit to do so.  

Sidekicks who appear intoxicated will not be served and/or will be advised that they are no longer to drink alcohol on the premises.

Prohibited and Prescription Drugs

For the purposes of this policy, Prohibited Drugs means any drug which is prohibited or controlled by legislation. Prescription Drugs mean drugs that require a doctor’s prescription and are not available ‘over the counter’. These include strong painkillers, and anti-anxiety medications such as Valium.

No Sidekick may unlawfully use, possess, manufacture or distribute any prohibited or prescription drug whilst at work, in the workplace, using work resources or any time the Sidekick is representing Sidekicker.  This includes but is not limited to being under the influence of prohibited drugs during work time or in the workplace. Sidekick’s taking prescription drugs should ensure that their performance is not impaired by the medication, and that they are only taking prescription drugs in accordance with the directions of their doctor. 

Breach of Policy

It is a condition of your employment or your engagement with Sidekicker that you comply with this policy.  Sidekicks who breach this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which may for a serious breach result in dismissal and removal from the Sidekicker platform, and in the case of prohibited or prescription drugs reporting conduct to the proper authorities (e.g. Police) if necessary.


Sidekicker acknowledges that alcohol and drug use can result in illness including dependency.  Accordingly, where a Sidekick is counselled or disciplined as a result of a breach of this policy they may be referred to the appropriate counselling or support services.  

Any Sidekick who is concerned or aware that they may be suffering from a dependency issue is encouraged to seek help from Sidekicker or a professional service provider.

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