What is a Right to Work Check?

The Right to Work Check is an instant online visa and passport check to ensure Sidekicks have working rights in Australia and it is a requirement to complete work with Sidekicker.

What am I responsible for? 

As an employee of Sidekicker, you are responsible for:

  • Notifying Sidekicker of any changes to your visa conditions
  • Taking responsibility for not applying for or completing shifts that exceed your work restrictions

If you exceed your work restrictions or fail to let Sidekicker know that your visa conditions have changed, this may result in disciplinary action and your Sidekicker account could be deactivated.

What if I have not completed a Right to Work Check?

If you have not completed the Right to Work check, you will not be able to see any shifts on your Sidekicker app or desktop.

What do I need to complete the Check?

To verify your right to work, you’ll need one of the following documents:

  • Australian Passport
  • Australian Birth Certificate
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • Australian visa

How do I complete the Right to Work Check?

Step 1: Go to e.sidekicker.com/Certsy to create your account with Certsy using your email address and password

Step 2: You will receive an email from Certsy with a link to sign in. Click the link in the email and go to Right to Work → Verify → Start verification

Step 3: Read and answer each question, eg “Are you an Australian citizen - yes or no”

Step 4: Add your details from one of the following: passport, citizenship certificate or Australian visa.

Step 5: Once your right to work has been verified, take a screenshot and upload this to your Sidekicker profile under the certificate “Right to Work Check”

Step 6: Add an expiry date to the certificate on your profile

  • Australian Citizen, New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident: 01/01/2030
  • Australian visa: use the “Visa expiry” date listed on the check
  • Partner Visa: 6 months after “Verified at” date listed on the check
  • Bridging Visa: 3 months after “Verified at” date  listed on the check

What should I do if there is a delay in getting my result?

There may be a delay in your Right to Work verification if the information entered into the Certsy system does not match the information  displayed on your document. There could also be a delay if there is a system connectivity issue and Certsy cannot perform an auto-verification with the government databases.

In all cases, your Right to Work submission will be referred to Certsy's support team for manual verification. Depending on the cause of delay, the process of manual verification could take up to 1 business day. You will be notified via email as soon as your result is ready.

What if I am still having trouble verifying my working rights?

If you are still having trouble verifying your working rights or disagree with the results of your check, please email Certsy at support@certsy.com and they will look into this for you.

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