Setting up your business profile and creating your requests in the best way will help you stand out from the pack and receive applications from our most in-demand and top rated Sidekicks.

So to help out, we’ve created some sample ‘templates’ to guide you through your first post. Overarchingly, your request should include the following:

  • Brief overview of the company and request
  • List the skill / attribute requirements for the job*
  • List the tasks the Sidekick(s) will be performing
  • List any other requirements (e.g. uniform)
  • Outline the timeframe and any payment details

*NB you will also be able to select specific skill requirements when posting your job (e.g. 3-plate carry, cocktails, system experience, etc).

See below for pre-written templates for each of our sub-categories. Remember, you will need to update specific details for your job and company.

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