Sidekicker uses leading edge technology to make finding the right temporary and short term staff for your needs faster and easier.

We do this using sophisticated algorithms, which use business and job request specifications alongside Sidekick profile data to match the right jobs with the right people. Simplistically, the algorithms work as follows:

  1. For every job post, businesses have the ability to select all required attributes and/or skills to fit their exact staffing or job needs.
  2. Once selecting the type of Sidekicks required (i.e. Hospitality or Business Admin etc), and then the subcategory (i.e. Wait Staff or Customer Service), the request will then populate with all possible skill requirements, and businesses simply need to check those that apply to them.

For example, an events company requiring wait staff with the ability to carry 3 plates, as well as perform a banquet wine pour, simply needs to select these skills when creating a request for staff by checking the pre-populated checkboxes.

Every Sidekick profile also comes with the option to select the skills and attributes which mirror the options above. 

All Sidekicks are screened and skills tested (both online and in-person) before being eligible to work on Sidekicker (we take this so seriously that only 15% of applicants are accepted onto the platform), and when creating or updating their profiles, Sidekicks do not have the ability to select or change these skills or attributes–they are restricted to Sidekick staffing specialists, who are committed to maintain our high standards. 

Once a Sidekick profile is live and active on the Sidekicker platform, they are instantly eligible to be notified about and apply for all job posts that match their skills.

The beauty of the Sidekicker platform though, is that it provides you with complete transparency and puts you in full control over who you hire. Once all Sidekicks who match your requirements are notified about your job, they’ll be able to apply, sending you a personalised application message along with their profile. This way, you’ll not only be matched with all our Sidekicks with the skills and attributes you require, but you’ll be able to make the final hiring decision based on the profiles most appealing to you.

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