Once you've applied to be a Sidekick, we'll email you the outcome of your application within five business days. If your application was successful, you will be sent a link to book in an interview session. 

What if I haven't received the link to book?

If you haven't heard back from us within five business days of submitting your application, just log on to our desktop site and shoot us a message through the blue Sidekicker chat bubble. 

I've followed the link but there are no sessions available

We release our interview sessions in fortnightly blocks. If there are no sessions available, it just means that the current period is full -- the spots fill up very quickly. 

The best thing to do is check back in a few days time to see if more sessions have been released or if any previously booked spots have become available. 

What if I need to cancel my interview?

When you book your interview, you will receive an email that confirms:

  • Your interview time and location
  • What you need to complete before your interview
  • What to bring to your interview 
  • A link to change/cancel your interview 

If you would like to reschedule or cancel your interview, simply track down that email (you can search your inbox for 'New Appointment'), scroll down to the bottom and select 'Change/Cancel Appointment'. You will then be able to select another appointment time which better suits your schedule.

What if I need to cancel my interview on the day?

Any cancellations on the day of the interview are considered a no-show and you will not be able use the email link to cancel. Our interview spots are filled really quickly so it's important that when you book in a spot, you use it -- we wouldn't want another Sidekick to miss out. 

Why isn't the rebooking link working for me?

Our online booking system will automatically lock you out if you cancel or no-show to more than two interviews. Reliability is one of the most important things to us here at Sidekicker. For this reason, we need to make sure we have only the most dedicated and reliable Sidekicks on board. 

What if I have questions that weren't answered here?

If you have any other questions about your interview or you can't find your appointment email, just log onto our desktop site and contact us through the blue chat bubble -- we're always here to help!

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