YES! We're so happy you'd like to continue working with Sidekicker in your new city.

Firstly, here are the cities we currently operate in: 

  • Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth
  • New Zealand: Auckland, Wellington

If you're moving to one of these cities you can definitely still work with us! If you're moving to a city we do not operate in, we'd suggest still following these steps, as we do occasionally have one off roles in other cities, such as Christchurch, Adelaide and Bendigo.

Changing your address between countries

In order to gain access to the dashboard in a different country you will need to attend an onboarding session in your new country to go over the important documentation you need. This is because Australia and New Zealand require different tax details, bank details and Superannuation/KiwiSaver documentation.

When moving to Australia, you may also need to complete your RSA to access hospitality roles on the platform. 

You can easily book yourself in for an onboarding session:

Changing your address between cities

All you need to do is update your address in your Account Settings and the platform will automatically update to reflect your new location. Easy! 

While you do not need to come into our office for another onboarding, you will need to ensure you have the correct RSA for your new state, if required. If you're unsure whether you need to update your RSA, reach out to our support team via the blue Sidekicker chat bubble -- we're always here to help.

Please remember, as Sidekicker's clients vary across Australia and New Zealand, some cities may be easier to get jobs in than others. 

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