How long will it take to hear if I've got the shift?

Depending on the job, it can take anywhere from minutes to a couple of days to hear whether you've been selected for a shift. While we ask clients to select their workers ASAP, this can sometimes take longer for larger shifts or shifts which require more experience.

Once the requested number of Sidekicks have applied for a role & all positions can be filled, the client has 72 hours (or until the start time of the job, if the job is under 72 hours away) to select and hire their Sidekicks. 

What if my plans have changed and I can no longer work a shift I've applied for?

If you haven't heard about a shift, and you are concerned you will no longer be able to complete the request, we ask that you withdraw your application by going to the 'Applied' section of your dashboard and withdrawing there. 

There is no penalty for withdrawing from shifts in this period, however if you are selected for a job and it moves to your 'Active' section, withdrawing at that point will put your account at risk of penalty. 

If you're unsure about a job posted on the platform, or it's been more than 72 hours since you applied, please reach out to and we'll gladly look into it for you.

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