It's important to ensure that the shifts you complete on the Sidekicker platform are posted to you before you attend the shifts.

The reason we stress this is because one of the guarantees we have on the Sidekicker platform is that you'll be paid correctly, be covered by insurance for the shift duration, and the superannuation you earn will be paid to you for shifts you complete. If the shift is not on the Sidekicker platform and in your 'Active' shifts at the time of your shift, we are unable to provide these protections to you.  

If a business offers you an external shift outside of the Sidekicker platform and you accept it we can’t guarantee the work rights you are entitled to. Your Sidekicker account will also be at risk of suspension. 

What do I do if a client offers me a shift outside of the Sidekicker platform? 

  • Ask the client to post the job on the platform and ensure it is in your 'Active' shifts before attending the shift. 

If the client refuses to post the shift on Sidekicker, we recommend you decline the shift. 

Completing a shift off the platform is against our usage terms, and can result in the cancellation of your Sidekicker account.

A business has offered me a permanent role in their business, what do I do?

Congratulations! Sometimes businesses are able to enter into direct working relationships with Sidekicks - in this case you would be employed directly by the business rather than Sidekicker for your shifts with them. We have a very easy way to set this up, so please reach out to if you've been offered an ongoing role with a business because of Sidekicker!

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