As many Sidekicker jobs can involve working a shift with a business that will have limited time to train you, we do not allow staff without experience in a given category to complete shifts on the platform. 

As the jobs are generally casual, part time or one-off in nature there will be no training provided. We do not want to place Sidekicks into situations where employers will expect them to be able to do something they may be uncomfortable with or still learning. 

Generally, we ask for at a minimum three months experience in the category you're applying for - however this can vary depending on category & skill level. 

How can I gain more experience? 

  • Consider volunteering! Many not for profit events & festivals happen all over the country, and regularly need event staff to assist. 
  • Check out event opportunities at your university/hostel! Many unis or hostels/travel providers need help organising events like bar nights or networking events - helping put together an event will give you great experience to understand how events are organised and run!
  • Not-for-profit community organisations are also usually after volunteers for their functions in terms of events set-up and pack down and flow of the event whether it be giving out wrist bands at the door to access a bar tab once they've been checked off a guest list etc. We regularly get shifts posted on the platform for roles similar to those!

When you have the required experience in an area we are recruiting in, we would love to have you apply to the platform!

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