We really appreciate you taking the time to apply to become a Sidekick! Unfortunately we can only take a small number of applicants at any time to ensure we maintain an optimum balance between the number of shifts available and the number of active Sidekicks currently working on the platform. 

In some busier periods of the year, we may recruit and hire a lot of new Sidekicks! However, in quieter periods, such as during the holidays or colder, quieter months, we may only hire a small number of Sidekicks. 

We understand this can be disappointing, but we thank you for your interest and taking the time to apply for Sidekicker. Unfortunately we're unable to give specific feedback about why your application was unsuccessful.

We do invite you to reapply for Sidekicker at any time. 

Here are some tips to improve your chances of becoming a Sidekick on your next application: 

  • Gain more experience! We generally prefer to take candidates with minimum 3 months of experience in the categories they're applying for.
  • Apply at a different time of the year - our busiest time of the year is November/December for most of our clients, so applying in October/November is a great time to show us your skills as we will bring on the most new Sidekicks then!
  • Improve your Sidekick application - we screen out more than 50% of applicants at the first step based on incomplete applications. Really have a think about your past experience and how it relates to the roles you're applying for with Sidekicker. We know answering the question 'What do you do in your spare time' may be tricky, but it's because we want to understand your personality and how you'd fit in as a Sidekick! Some things to think about may be what you're studying, your travel plans, or hobbies such as horse riding or playing instruments! We want to get to know you! :) 

If you're interested in re-applying and are committed to making the above improvements, log onto our desktop site and reach out to us using the blue chat bubble!

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