Reliability is strongly valued here at Sidekicker. If you are selected for a shift that you’ve applied for, you are responsible in making sure that you are available to work that shift. 

What do we mean by Reliability?
When discussing Reliability at Sidekicker, we are referring to a Sidekick’s overall ability to consistently make it to the shifts that they have applied and been selected for. 

Why is it important?
Our clients have taken care in choosing you as the right Sidekick for their job and it provides them with a bad experience when you are approved and subsequently are unable to work. It is also unfair to your fellow Sidekicks who have missed the opportunity to work that shift. 

We do understand that circumstances beyond your control can occur, where you will be unable to work a shift that you have applied and been selected for. If you cannot make your shift for whatever reason, you will need to directly contact Sidekicker as soon as possible via our support email or phone number to withdraw from the shift so that we can try to fill the shift for the client. Please note that continuously withdrawing from shifts will have an impact on your standing with us at Sidekicker, please read below for more information. 


Your reliability score will start off as 100%. Each time you withdraw from a shift, your score will be deducted by 10%. Our minimum allowance for a Sidekick’s reliability score is 80%, if your score drops below 80%, you will immediately lose access to the Sidekicker platform. It is your responsibility to be available for the shifts you have been approved for and if you are unable to do so then Sidekicker may not be the right fit for you. Please note that your reliability score will only take into consideration your last 10 shifts. 

No Shows

What is a no show?
A no show occurs when a Sidekick does not turn up to a shift that they have applied and been selected for and we at Sidekicker have not been directly informed that a Sidekick is unable to make that shift. 

Regardless of the reason you are unable to make a shift, you will still need to contact us directly to let us know that you will be unable to make it. Simply not showing up to your shift without any warning will lead to an immediate deactivation of your account.  

Please note: Notice of two hour or less to a shift time will also be considered a “no show” as we will be unable to fill the shift for the client at this stage. 

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