At Sidekicker, we are excited and eager to help you achieve your goals. Truly! It's right there in our vision statement - Give people the power to reach their potential!

When interacting with our team, please treat us with the utmost respect by supporting our Support Interaction Policy. Failing to comply with this policy not only makes our days less fun, but it can also result in you not being able to use our platform. 

Defrauding or attempting to defraud Sidekicker support:

This includes providing false information, false documents or certificates, impersonating another person, creating multiple accounts and withholding information relating to a Sidekicker shift or incident.

Harassing Sidekicker support staff:

Harassment can take many forms. It can be calling or messaging us repeatedly, threatening or abusive content in calls or messages, or misuse of our system. If we think you are doing this, we will likely tell you to stop, but if the matter is serious, we may stop accepting your contacts.

Attending Sidekicker Offices without an appointment:

The only time we invite Sidekicks to our offices is for:

  • Onboarding sessions
  • Skills training
  • Collecting a name badge
  • Purchasing uniform items

These should all be pre-arranged visits. Some of the offices are only staffed certain days so not only will we not expect you, we may not even be here! To arrange any of the above, or for any other queries, you can use the blue chat bubble on the app - or email us here. 

If you come to the office without a pre-arranged and approved visit we consider that to be a breach of our policy and you will be asked to leave and in some cases we may remove you from using the platform. 

Use of abusive language:

This one is easy! Treat us with respect. Don't swear or use inappropriate language towards Sidekicker or clients. We would never do it to you. 

In severe cases, those who do not follow this rule may be unable to continue using our platform.

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