As a Sidekick, you are part of a community of professional, experienced and reliable individuals. Being part of this community means that you are held to high standards of service, and it means following a set of policies and responsibilities for being on the platform. A failure to follow these policies will result in disciplinary proceedings of your account, and may mean you are no longer be able to access shifts via the Sidekicker platform. 

Your performance on Sidekicker is based on several key indicators. These include:

  • Not showing up to Sidekicker shifts without contacting Sidekicker
  • Withdrawing from too many shifts
  • A reliability score below 80%
  • Receiving multiple performance infractions from clients
  • Repeatedly being late to shifts
  • Repeatedly failing to meet the uniform requirements of shifts
  • Receiving critical incident feedback from clients or Sidekicker staff
  • Contacting a client or working a shift outside of the Sidekicker platform
  • Violating Sidekicker’s drug and alcohol policy
  • Violating Sidekicker’s workplace bullying policy
  • Misuse of social media to Sidekicker's detriment
  • Attempting to contact clients or attend shifts not posted via the Sidekicker platform
  • Misuse of the comments section on the job page
  • Harassing or abusing Sidekicker staff
  • Violating our Sidekicker Support interaction policy
  • Exceeding your visa conditions
  • Breaking any of our Performance Policies

Not Attending Assigned Shifts

A no show occurs when a Sidekick does not turn up to a shift that they have applied and been selected for and we at Sidekicker have not been directly informed that a you are unable to make that shift. 

Sidekicker has strict policies regarding no-shows as this provides a bad experience for the client that was relying on you and other Sidekicks who missed out on the chance to accept that shift. Not attending a shift and failing to correctly withdraw via the appropriate channels (through the Sidekicker app or by telling Sidekicker support) will result in the immediate deactivation of your Sidekicker account.

Providing Sidekicker with less than two hours notice of your non attendance will also be considered a no show, as it means we will be unable to find a replacement before the beginning of the shift.

Withdrawal and Reliability Policy

If you are selected for a shift that you’ve applied for, you are responsible in making sure that you are available to work that shift. The reason for this policy is that withdrawing from shifts has a negative impact on other Sidekicks who missed out on the shift and on clients who were looking forward to working with you.

You reliability is tracked via your reliability score. This is an internal measure, and is not visible to clients.

Your reliability score will start off as 100%. Each time you withdraw from a shift, your score will reduce by 10%. Our minimum allowance for a Sidekick’s reliability score is 80% to be active on the platform. Your reliability score will take into consideration your withdrawal history within your last 10 shifts accepted on Sidekicker.

If your score drops below 80%, you will immediately lose access to the Sidekicker platform. If your account has been deactivated, you can appeal the decision via the appeal form.

You can read more about our reliability policy here.

Last Minute Withdrawals

If you withdraw from a shift within two hours of the shift's start time, your account will be automatically deactivated pending investigation. We understand that sometimes things come up, but withdrawing this late means that it's highly unlikely we will be able to replace you, leaving the client without a Sidekick. 

You will be given the chance to discuss this further, letting us know the specific circumstances that lead to you having to withdraw, by filling out an appeal form

Performance Feedback Policy

Feedback from clients, and Sidekicker internal staff is taken into consideration when reviewing your performance on the Sidekicker platform. The key areas where feedback is accepted, and will result in disciplinary action against your Sidekicker account are: 

  • Poor attitude before, during or after a Sidekicker shift
  • Being late to a Sidekicker shift
  • Sidekicker skills listed on the platform not being reflective of your skills in person
  • Uniform/presentation issue
  • Critical incident client feedback (OH&S issue), or any breaches of Sidekicker’s policies and responsibilities while on a shift

While star rating feedback may be shown on your Sidekicker profile, often Sidekicker will receive feedback about your performance (e.g. attitude, being late to a shift, poor skills at the shift, uniform issues, critical incident feedback) directly from a client, or a Sidekicker internal staff member. The nature of this feedback is generally kept confidential between Sidekicker and the client, however please be assured we do investigate every report of poor performance received to ensure they are not provided maliciously. 

While some feedback may be accessible to you via Sidekick reviews which appear on your profile, this is not exhaustive of all the feedback received on the platform. While positive feedback is taken into account when assessing your Sidekicker account performance, any performance infractions as listed above will result immediately in disciplinary action against your account.

Receiving feedback relating to any of the above infractions will result in a performance warning being issued. Any further feedback relating to further infractions will result in the deactivation of your Sidekicker account. 

Drug and Alcohol Policy

When working for Sidekicker you are are prohibited from:

  1. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol when working
  2. Presenting yourself for work under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. This includes ingesting, inhaling or injecting any alcohol or other drug

It is not against the policy to take drugs that are legally prescribed by a doctor for the purposes of treating a medical condition. However, where an employee is on prescribed medication which may impair their judgement or performance, they must notify their manager/supervisor and may be unable to continue their work. This is to ensure employee safety.

Sidekicks who breach this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which may for a serious breach result in dismissal and removal from the Sidekicker platform, and in the case of prohibited drugs reporting conduct to the proper authorities (e.g. Police) if necessary.

You can review our complete drug and alcohol policy here.

Workplace Bullying Policy

Sidekicker is committed to the prevention of workplace bullying and considers bullying to be an unacceptable form of behaviour which it will not tolerate under any circumstances. 

Under work health and safety legislation, Sidekicker has a responsibility to do everything possible to eliminate or reduce risks to Sidekicks' health and safety. All Sidekicks have a right to a workplace that is free from bullying. Sidekicks must also accept responsibility for their actions towards others in the workplace and must not take part in any bullying behaviour.

Bullying can include, but is not limited to verbal abuse, homophobic/transphobic behaviour, excluding or isolating Sidekicks, psychological harassment, intimidation, initiation practices, sabotaging another Sidekick’s work, assigning meaningless tasks unrelated to the Sidekick’s position, giving impossible assignments, deliberately withholding information that is vital for effective work performance, ridiculing other Sidekicks’ opinions, and physical intimidation or altercations of any kind.

Sidekicks who breach this policy, and who are found to have partaken in repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed towards an employee or group of employees, will be subject to disciplinary action, which will result in dismissal and removal from the Sidekicker platform.

You can review our complete workplace bullying policy here.

Social Media Policy

Sidekicks who use social media either as part of their job, or in a personal capacity, have guidance as to the company’s expectations when referring to Sidekicker or interacting with Sidekicker online.

It is important that you show respect for the individuals and communities with which you interact. It is also important to remember that when engaging in social media, Sidekicks must take responsibility for ensuring that any references to Sidekicker are factually correct and accurate and do not breach confidentiality requirements.

Sidekicker uses private Facebook groups as a way for Sidekicks to connect with other Sidekicks and with Sidekicker as a community. The Facebook group is for answering questions, posting shift photos, and just generally getting involved in the Sidekicker community. If Sidekick’s Social Media Managers feel your posts or comments are creating a poor group environment or deterring other Sidekicks from participation, you may be removed from the group. 

If your public views about Sidekicker are posted in a way which are considered defamatory or found to be deterring Sidekicks or customers from participating in the Sidekicker community, they may be removed by our Social Media Manager and disciplinary action may be taken. Posting defamatory or deceitful information regarding Sidekicker online, including but not limited to, fake business reviews, verbally abusive or harassing comments or posts, or posting libel or confidential information relating to Sidekicker online, may result in disciplinary action and you may lose access to shifts on the Sidekicker platform.

You can review our complete social media policy here.

Subverting the Sidekicker Platform

The Sidekicker platform provides a way for Sidekicks to connect via businesses. All information such as contact information, job descriptions, and locations of jobs are generally provided in the Sidekicker platform. Any attempt to subvert the use of the Sidekicker platform may result in disciplinary action and you may lose access to shifts on the Sidekicker platform. 

Actions included in this policy are: 

  • Contacting a client outside of the Sidekicker platform to complete a shift
  • Accepting cash payment for Sidekicker shifts
  • Providing your contact details, such as your phone number, email, LinkedIn or other social media, in your application statement or in the comments section of a job
  • Approaching a client via email, phone, social media or other methods after seeing a job advertised on Sidekicker
  • Propositioning a client to offer you further work outside of the Sidekicker platform while on a shift or before, during or after completing a shift
  • Negotiating the pay rate of a job with a client outside of the Sidekicker platform
  • Offering bribes or favours for future work, positive reviews, or other favourable outcomes
  • Any other actions which attempt to subvert the use of the Sidekicker platform as a method of applying, accepting, completing, & being paid for work completed.

Any of the above actions will be deemed as a breach of our Sidekicker policy and will result in immediately losing access to the Sidekicker platform.

Sidekicker Support Interaction Policy

When contacting Sidekicker support, please keep the following key policies in mind. We take violations of these policies extremely seriously, and breaking any number of them may result in disciplinary action and you may lose access to the Sidekicker platform, the ability to access shifts via the Sidekicker platform, and the ability to contact Sidekicker via email, live chat, phone, or social media.

Defrauding or attempting to defraud Sidekicker support

If we find that an attempt to defraud customer support, by any number of methods, including but not limited to, providing false information, false documents or certificates, impersonating another person, Sidekick or client, withholding information relating to a Sidekicker shift or incident, or any attempt to defraud Sidekick Support.

Disobeying or ignoring Sidekicker staff instructions

At times it may be necessary for a Sidekicker employee to instruct a Sidekick to perform (or refrain from performing) certain actions. Sidekicker would take this step only at instruction of a client, if job details have changed, or for the health or well being of a Sidekick.

Harassing Sidekicker support staff

This includes but is not limited to, repeatedly calling the Sidekicker phone lines, sending multiple emails relating to the same issue to one or multiple Sidekicker staff, continuing to harass a staff member after an issue has been resolved or closed out, or otherwise misusing our system. If this occurs, you may be asked to stop, and if you continue, your access to our phone support, email, and/or live chat support may be suspended.

Confronting Sidekicker staff at a Sidekicker office

Other than onboardings and skills training, there is no instance where a Sidekick should need to come into a Sidekicker office. Unless explicitly requested by Sidekicker staff (to collect something for example), arriving unannounced at the office is a breach of this policy. If you have a pay issue, need to discuss your appeal or have a question, please reach out to our support team via the blue Sidekicker chat bubble. 

Use of abusive language

While situations may at some point occur which may be frustrating to Sidekicks, the use of abusive or foul language directed toward the support staff is inappropriate and unproductive. If a Sidekick uses this type of language while communicating with any member of the Sidekicker support team, your account will be immediately deactivated.

Any breaches of the above policies will result in immediate disciplinary action, which may result the limitation of your access to Sidekicker’s phone support, email, live chat, and/or social media. Your Sidekicker account will also face disciplinary action, and you will no longer be able to access shifts via the Sidekicker platform.

Exceeding Visa Conditions

As an employee of Sidekicker, you are responsible for:

  • Providing Sidekicker with evidence of your right to work (for more details on how, see our help article for Australia or NZ)
  • Not applying for or completing shifts that exceed your work restrictions
  • Notifying Sidekicker if your visa conditions change

If you exceed your work restrictions or supply Sidekicker with false information, this may result in disciplinary action and your Sidekicker account could be deactivated.

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