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The key areas where feedback is accepted, and will result in disciplinary action against your Sidekicker account are: 

  • Poor attitude before, during or after a Sidekicker shift
  • Being late to a Sidekicker shift
  • Sidekicker skills listed on the platform not being reflective of your skills in person
  • Uniform/presentation issue
  • Critical incident client feedback or any breaches of Sidekick’s policies & responsibilities while on a shift.


The best way to ensure your attitude meets our standards is to ensure you are friendly and professional at your shift. An unwillingness to complete expected tasks, rude behaviour, or using your phone while on your shift may all contribute to a poor client experience and may result in poor feedback being received about your shift.

Being late to a shift

As you may often be working in new workplaces with different clients on the Sidekicker platform, we recommend you try and arrive at your shift a minimum 15 minutes early to ensure you are ready to start work at the exact time of your shift. If you are running late to a shift, you should always endeavour to let the client (or Sidekicker) know. However, as this is an extremely poor client experience, you may still receive poor feedback for being late to a shift.

Poor skills on the shift 

While we endeavour to ensure all Sidekicks are in the right categories on the platform, sometimes there may be a skill mismatch as to what you feel comfortable doing in our interview, versus what you feel comfortable with on a shift (e.g. carrying 3 plates can be much harder on a busy shift!). If there has been a mismatch here, or if you apply for & attend a shift you do not possess the skills for, this may result in poor feedback from the client. If you no longer feel comfortable working in a category you're selected for on the platform, please reach out to support@sidekicker.com.au and we'd be happy to remove it from your account. 

Uniform/presentation Issue

Did your uniform meet the standard we expect at Sidekicker? Was it clean, ironed, and presentable? If not, you may receive poor feedback for this. You can review our uniform requirements here at any time here. We also expect Sidekicks to have their hair neatly tied back & well groomed, clean nails (free of nail polish), and to be wearing natural or minimal style make up. If you fail to follow our presentation standards at a shift, this may result in poor feedback.  

Critical Incident Feedback

Any breach of our Performance Policy, including but not limited to our drug & alcohol policy, social media policy, workplace bullying policy, or Sidekicker staff interaction policy could result in a formal warning or the immediate deactivation of your Sidekicker account.

What this feedback means for your Sidekicker account:

While star rating feedback may be shown on your Sidekicker profile, often Sidekicker will receive feedback about your performance (e.g. attitude, being late to a shift, poor skills at the shift, uniform issues, critical incident feedback) directly from a client, or a Sidekicker internal staff member. The nature of this feedback is generally kept confidential between Sidekicker and the client, however please be assured we do investigate every report of poor performance received to ensure they are not provided maliciously. 

While some feedback may be accessible to you via Sidekick reviews which appear on your profile, this is not exhaustive of all the feedback received on the platform. While positive feedback is taken into account when assessing your Sidekicker account performance, any performance infractions as listed above will result immediately in disciplinary action against your account.

Receiving feedback relating to any of the above infractions will result in a performance warning being issued. Any further feedback relating to further infractions will result in the deactivation of your Sidekicker account. 

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