We’re on a mission to take over the world... but we’re not quite there yet! The majority of our Sidekicks can be found in major cities in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand. If a job is outside these areas, there are a few options to consider. 

Service Areas

Sidekicker typically services the following cities, up to 50km from the city CBD:

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Auckland

What if a job is further than 50km from the city CBD?

If a job is located between 50km-100km from the city CBD, we require that a travel bonus is offered to all staff on shift, to adequately compensate them for their travelling time. This also significantly improves your chance of receiving sufficient applicants on the shift, and reduces your chance of last-minute withdrawals from the shift.

How much is the recommended travel bonus?

Recommended job bonuses are based on a combination of two factors: estimated petrol reimbursements and compensation for the time travelled. Petrol reimbursements are based on current ATO guidelines, which recommend 68 cents per kilometre travelled, plus a AUD$5 per hour time bonus. We calculate the ‘distance to shift’ as the distance from the city CBD to the shift location (kilometres). While the below table is an approximate guide, please speak to our Support team for exact costings.

How does the bonus get processed?

Sidekicks will submit this travel bonus as a separate expense. You’ll be able to see this when they submit their timesheet, and edit/approve it accordingly.

Does this mean any withdrawals will be easy to fill?

While Sidekicker’s tech means that your job will be immediately in the hands of all of our approved Sidekicks, the distance of your shift does mean that we may not be able to fill any last-minute withdrawals that occur.

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