If you are injured while working on a shift with Sidekicker and you incur medical expenses, or have been advised by a medical professional to stop work, you may be entitled to claim workers compensation. 

How do I claim workers compensation in QLD?

Step 1: Notify Sidekicker of your injury or illness as soon as possible using the ‘Report a workplace incident' button in the app. You can access this button by clicking on your profile picture. 

When you report your incident, you'll be asked to complete an incident report form. If you do not have the Sidekicker app installed, you can complete that form here

Step 2: Visit your healthcare provider and ask for a Worker’s Compensation Medical Certificate.

  • Keep copies of any invoices or receipts relating to costs incurred from your injury or illness

Step 3: Complete and submit a Worker’s Compensation Claim Form online.

  • You will need to include your Worker’s Compensation Medical Certificate

WorkCover Queensland is responsible for assessing your claim. WorkCover determines claims as quickly as possible and will generally contact you and Sidekicker within three business days of the claim being made.

Who can I call for help or advice?

For more information regarding making a claim please visit WorkCover Queensland or call 1300 362 128.

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