When you apply for Sidekicker, we look for more that just previous experience. Joining the Sidekicker team means that you not only meet the requirements below, but that we also recognise your amazing character and how you contribute to our special community. 

Here's a list of the working requirements that you will need to become a Sidekick:


Based on the nature of the Sidekicker platform, it's important that all Sidekicks have prior experience in a given field of work. This is because the jobs on Sidekicker are generally of a casual, part time or one-off nature and require Sidekicks to be able to draw on existing experience.


If you are applying for work as a waiter, bartender of F&B attendant:

You will need to own a full hospitality uniform including black trousers, a white business shirt and black leather shoes.

Other candidates:

Business casual or smart casual attire.


Due to contractual obligations, you must be at least 18 years of age to join the Sidekicker team. 

Proof of right to work 

In order to work with Sidekicker, you must be either an Australian or New Zealand citizen or the holder of a valid Australian or New Zealand visa with work rights.

If and when you have met our working requirements, we would love to have you apply to the platform!

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