Presentation is a key criteria used to determine the outcome of your interview with Sidekicker. You be having a profile and uniform photo taken in the office, so please come prepared!

Hospitality dress code:

  • Black trousers (not jeans or leggings)
  • Black leather shoes
  • A white ironed business shirt
  • Minimal jewellery

All of these articles can be found at H&M, Kmart and Target. If you do not have a hospitality uniform you will be unable to interview for the role. 

Events, Promotions, Business Support or Retail dress code:

  • Smart casual or business attire

Manual Labour dress code:

  • Please wear or bring with you steel capped boots and a high vis t-shirt or vest

What if I'm applying for multiple roles?

If you are applying for multiple job types, including hospitality, please wear a hospitality uniform (see above).

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