Your Sidekick profile is your ‘online resume’ on Sidekicker–it showcases your personality, experience, and skills to the businesses looking to hire staff on Sidekicker. 

Sidekick profiles are what businesses use to select who they hire (often out of several applicants), so it’s your opportunity to make yourself look like a superstar. 

Think of it like your shop front–the better you make your profile, the more likely you are to be selected (especially for your first shift before you start to accumulate star ratings and job history). 

How to edit your Profile

To complete your profile, log in to your Sidekicker account. On the top right hand side, select ‘View Profile’, and then ‘Edit Profile’.

Step 1: Biography

What to write:

  1. Some personal information such as where you grew up or what you’re studying (2 sentences)
  2. What industries do you have experience in and why you like working in them (2 sentences)
  3. What your professional strengths are / what have you learnt throughout your job experience (2 sentences)

When you’re not Sidekicking:

This is your chance to tell clients what you like to do in your spare time and show off your amazing personality, for example:

  • Movies: If you like watching movies what type of movie do you watch?
  • Cooking: If you like cooking what type cusine is your favorite to cook? 
  • Exercise: If you like to exercise what type of exercise and what exercise do you like about it?  
  • Travel: If you like travel what's one of your favourite places you’ve travelled and why?


Step 2 - Adding Experience

Your experience is like your ‘resume’, so it’s super important to be succinct in describing what you’ve done in each role. 

Include at least 3 different experiences, showcasing as many of your skills as possible that are relevant to the type of roles you’re going to be doing on Sidekicker.


  • Explain what tasks you did / skills demonstrated in your previous roles, e.g. making and serving coffee and cocktails, or ‘preparation of salad ingredients and cold meats’, or ‘using a drill to assemble furniture’.
  • Tick the boxes of any roles that relate to the specific job experience. When a client looks at your profile for a specific job, they are only shown the relevant experiences for that role.



The Certificates section includes a list of required and optional certificates for you to upload - such as RSA, Police Check or Working with Children check and mandatory certificates like the Right to Work check.

To upload a certificate, click the certificate name and upload the file from your computer. 

Step 3 - Account Settings

You’re required to complete your Account Settings before you can be activated on Sidekicker. The information stored here allows us to pay you appropriately.

Account Details

  • Information about YOU (date of birth, contact info)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Employment details
  • Tax File Number–this is a 9 digit number which you’re required to have to work in Australia
  • Superannuation details–if you don’t have your own Super Account already set up, we can organise one with Host Plus for you
  • There are three boxes at the bottom of this page which you will need to tick in order to save your changes.

Bank Details

  • We need your BSB and Account number to pay you–don’t forget these!


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