Congratulations on being selected for a shift on Sidekicker! You have now entered into a professional working relationship with the employer on the job. 

When you log into your app please go to the Active category. Here your current job will be listed. The next step is to get the employer contact details. Click on the job posting and then the little person icon on the top.

How to contact the client:

Under the name of the company there will be either an email or a phone number listed and a direct contact. Please contact the employer to confirm that you will be at the job. This is also a perfect opportunity to create a personal connection with the employer. If you have any questions regarding exact location or meeting point this is a perfect time to clarify. 

What to say to the client when confirming your shift:

"Hi it's [your name] here, you chose me for the [write the job title] job through Sidekicker. I'll see you at [start time] on [day and date], looking forward to working with you. Feel free to let me know if I need to bring anything."

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