There are three possible reasons you can't see jobs on your Sidekicker dashboard.

1. You have not completed a Certsy Right to Work check (Australian requirement only)

The Certsy Right to Work check is a requirement to work on Sidekicker in Australia. If you have not completed this, you will not be able to see shifts on your dashboard.

You can check that you have completed the Certsy Right to Work check by logging on to your account > View Profile > Edit Profile > Certificates.

To complete your Certsy Right to Work, see our help centre article on this here.

2. It's a quiet time of the year

As a growing and ever expanding business Sidekicker occasionally experiences times of decreased activity on the platform.

We are constantly working on developing greater and more frequent relationships with employers in order to pass fantastic job opportunities onto our Sidekicks!

In the meantime, we encourage you to install our iPhone or Android app and make sure notifications are turned on.  That way you'll be informed as soon as a new shift is posted on the platform and you can apply straight away.  Fast applications tend to get a higher acceptance rate.

3. There are jobs available in different categories

Every Sidekick on the platform has been approved for different subcategories based on their experience and skills, and hence has a different number of jobs on Sidekicker available to apply for. These were determined during the interview you attended for Sidekicker and your profile should be tailored around those subcategories.

If you have gained additional experience since your onboarding and would like to be considered for other areas you are currently not approved for, contact us at and we can set you up with another interview with one of our fantastic  Sidekick Coordinators.

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