Jobs Victoria connects people to opportunities in a range of industries and roles.

Categories and subcategories on the Jobs Victoria online hub relate to the roles you are seeking to hire for.

When creating an opportunity, select the category that broadly relates to the role you are hiring for.

Once you select a category, a specific list of subcategories relating to the category will be visible. Select the subcategory that best reflects the role - often the subcategory will be similar to the title of the role.

Here are some example categories and the available categories;





Business Administration & Office Support


Disability Support Worker

Government & Community Services

Aged & Disability Support

Dental Assistant

Healthcare & Social Assistance


Workshop Assistant

Construction, Trades & Services


Business Development Manager


New Business Development

Can I select multiple categories?

No, you can only select one category and subcategory. This allows you to better target your ideal candidates.

Can I change my categories?

Yes, you can change your opportunities category at any time. You can do so by;

  • Click on 'Opportunities' on the left hand side of your screen

  • Click into the opportunity you would like to edit

  • Click on 'More options'

  • Click on 'Edit Opportunity'

  • Update the opportunity and press save

What if my role does not fit within the categories?

Whilst there is an extensive list of categories available, there may be instances where you cannot find an exact match for your role. In which case we suggest broadly aligning your role to a category and selecting ‘other’ for the subcategory.

How will these categories affect how jobseekers view my opportunities?

Jobseekers can filter opportunities by categories as well as distance. In order to attract people who are interested in this area of work, it’s important to select the category that best reflects the opportunity.

If you have a question about the categories and subcategories that Jobs Victoria covers, please reach out to your Jobs Victoria online hub Account Manager.

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