Crown is one of Melbourne’s most iconic and prestigious entertainment centres. The event facilities offered at Crown are diverse, ranging from some of the world's best restaurants to large VIP banquet functions.

Free Meals at Crown! 🍕 Work any shift at Crown Melbourne until the end of February and receive a free meal at their staff restaurant. 🍕

Crown Melbourne's Banquets Team have heaps of exciting shifts coming up in December 2021 for the following role types:

  • F&B Attendants: able to carry 3 plates, clear 5 plates, perform tandem drops (brigade service) and able to manage 25 cover

  • Waitstaff (Service hands/bar hands): able to clear 3 plates, refresh service stations and help F&B Attendants as directed

  • Bartenders: proficient at dispense service, mixed drinks, pouring beers and classic cocktail knowledge a bonus

  • Set up staff: physically fit individuals who can move large tables, carry chairs and other furniture. Bump In and Out experience is preferred but being fit is the most important

Work multiple shifts for Crown Melbourne's Banquet Team this December, and be rewarded with cash bonuses!

  • Work 3 shifts and earn an extra $100 bonus

  • Work 5 shifts and earn an extra $300 bonus

  • Work 8 shifts and earn an extra $500 bonus

Eligible shifts included below, by role type:

F&B attendants:

Waitstaff (Service Hands/Bar hands):


Set up staff:

Crown Melbourne

Shift and Sidekick eligibility:

  • Terms and Conditions apply to the Crown Melbourne Banquet Team Multi-shift promotion (Promotion) and the associated Crown Melbourne Banquet Team Multi-shift promotion bonus (Bonus).

  • Shifts must be between 27 November 2021 and 1 January 2022 (Promotion Period).

  • For a shift to be eligible (Eligible Shift) it must be included on this article. Only Eligible Shifts will be counted towards the Bonus. This page will be monitored frequently to add additional Eligible Shifts.

  • For an Eligible Shift to be counted towards earning the Bonus, the shift must be completed. Completed shifts are defined as shifts that have not been withdrawn form the Sidekicker platform by Crown Melbourne or Sidekicker, have been worked in full by the individual Sidekick (Worker) and approved by Sidekicker. I.e. shifts that have been withdrawn, deleted, expired or cancelled will not count towards earning the Bonus.

  • For a Worker to be eligible to earn the Bonus they must have an active Sidekicker profile. If the Worker has had their profile cancelled (e.g. for not meeting the reliability criteria) at any time during the Promotion Period they will be ineligible to receive the Bonus.

  • For Sidekicks completing their first shift with the Crown Banquets Team, a 1 hour paid induction will be held at the start of your first shift. More information will be provided after shift application.

Promotion T&Cs:

  • Staff Meal

    • One staff meal per shift at the staff restaurant (ID'S)

    • You supervisor will provide a token on your shift and it can be used on your break or after your shift. The restaurant is open 24/7

    • There is no minimum shift length, all shifts are eligible

  • The Bonus can be earned in the following hourly increments:

    • A Worker that completes 3 Eligible Shifts for Crown Melbourne Banquet Team within the Promotion Period will receive a $100 bonus

    • A Worker that completes 5 Eligible Shifts for Crown Melbourne Banquet Team within the Promotion Period will receive a $300 bonus

    • A Worker that completes 8 Eligible Shifts for Crown Melbourne Banquet Team within the Promotion Period will receive a $500 bonus

  • The Promotion cannot be applied retrospectively.

  • The Bonus will be paid at the completion of the Promotion Period. Payment may be processed earlier at Sidekicker's discretion.

  • Sidekicker reserves the right to validate the eligibility of any Worker as otherwise necessary, and may determine any Worker to be ineligible in its sole discretion.

  • Sidekicker reserves the right to refuse to pay any Bonus.

  • Sidekicker reserves the right to amend the terms of the Bonus promotion, or cancel the Bonus promotion at any time without prior notice to either party.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, any reference to ‘$’ or ‘dollars’ refers to Australian dollars.

To be eligible to work at Crown Melbourne, Sidekicks must have the following:

  1. Police check: if you've completed a valid Police Check in the last 3 months, please upload it to your certificates under 'National Police Check'. Otherwise, click the button to obtain a new Police Check and we will upload it to your profile once it's been processed.

  2. Crown Online Contractor Induction: Crown's Contractor Induction is completed online and comprises three mandatory training modules. Click the button to get started and ensure you follow the steps provided in this guide.

  3. Complete an online form with some additional information: Please only complete this form after both your Police Check and Contractor Induction have been uploaded to your profile. If you complete the form before these certificates have been added to your profile, we won't be able to give you access to shifts at Crown.

Once all three steps have been completed in the correct order, we'll send your details and documentation to Crown for approval. Please allow up to 1 week before Crown shifts start to appear on your Sidekicker dashboard.

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