Crown is one of Melbourne’s most iconic and prestigious entertainment centres. The event facilities offered at Crown are diverse, ranging from some of the world's best restaurants to large VIP banquet functions.

If you have basic service hand or hospitality experience (such as carrying 1-2 plates) and are looking to become a fully fledged F&B attendant, Crown Melbourne have the promotion for you!

Apply to work any of the eligible service hand shifts below, and during your shift Crown Melbourne will also provide you with:

  • supervised training in carrying 3 plates / clearing 5 plates

  • supervised training in tandem drops with a partner

  • training and experience managing a section of a function

  • awareness of how to respond to basic dietary requirements

Training commences with a paid 1 hour Crown Banquets induction. Then, over the course of 5 shifts, Crown train you up on the basics of service. You will work under the direction of a supervisor and will be progressively given more responsibility until you are comfortable running a section. The supervisor will provide feedback and direction each shift and Crown will aim to pair you with the same supervisor each shift.

After you've completed your 5 upskilling shifts with Crown Melbourne, you'll be a qualified F&B attendant and able to access heaps of F&B attendant shifts on the Sidekicker platform! 🎉

Before you apply you'll need:

  • A great attitude and willingness to learn!

  • A commitment to working at least 5 shifts with Crown Melbourne this December. The upskilling program requires 5 shifts worth of training, and you'll be paired with the same supervisor throughout the program.

  • A valid VIC RSA completed in the past 2 years (only required for front of house). RSAs must be refreshed every 2 years, which you can do for free here.

  • A completed Crown Contractor Induction (see attachment for instructions)

  • A clean National Police Check issued within the last 3 months. If you work 3 shifts at Crown Melbourne between 27 November and 31 December 2021, Sidekicker will reimburse you for the cost of renewing your National Police Check!

Eligible shifts include:

......coming soon! stay tuned......

Crown Melbourne

Shift eligibility:

  • The Terms and Conditions below apply to the Crown Melbourne Banquet Team Upskilling promotion (Promotion)

  • For a shift to be eligible (Eligible Shift) it must be included on this article. Only Eligible Shifts will be counted towards achieving the F&B upskilling (Upskill). This page will be monitored frequently to add additional Eligible Shifts.

  • For Sidekicks (Workers) completing their first shift with the Crown Melbourne Banquets Team, a 1 hour paid induction will be held at the start of your first shift.

  • Shift start date and end date must be between 27 November 2021 and 1 January 2022 (Promotion Period).

  • For an Eligible Shift to be counted towards earning the Upskill, the shift must be completed. Completed shifts are defined as shifts that have not been withdrawn form the Sidekicker platform by Crown Melbourne or Sidekicker, have been worked in full by the individual Worker and approved by Sidekicker. I.e. shifts that have been withdrawn, deleted, expired or cancelled will not count towards earning the Upskill.

  • For a Worker to be eligible to earn accept the Promotion they must have an active Sidekicker profile. If the Worker has had their profile cancelled (e.g. for not meeting the reliability criteria) at any time during the Promotion Period they will be ineligible to engage in the Promotion.

Promotion Ts&Cs:

  • Sidekicker reserves the right to validate the eligibility of any Worker as otherwise necessary, and may determine any Worker to be ineligible in its sole discretion.

  • Sidekicker reserves the right to refuse to Upskill any Worker.

  • Both Sidekicker and Crown Melbourne Banquets Team reserve the right to amend the terms of the Promotion, or cancel the Promotion at any time without prior notice.

More information on Crown Melbourne Worker requirements:

  1. Police check: if you've completed a valid Police Check in the last 3 months, please upload it to your certificates under 'National Police Check'. Otherwise, click the button to obtain a new Police Check and we will upload it to your profile once it's been processed.

  2. Crown Online Contractor Induction: Crown's Contractor Induction is completed online and comprises three mandatory training modules. Click the button to get started and ensure you follow the steps provided in this guide.

  3. Complete an online form with some additional information: Please only complete this form after both your Police Check and Contractor Induction have been uploaded to your profile. If you complete the form before these certificates have been added to your profile, we won't be able to give you access to shifts at Crown.

Once all three steps have been completed in the correct order, we'll send your details and documentation to Crown for approval. Please allow up to 2 weeks before Crown shifts start to appear on your Sidekicker dashboard.

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