Sidekick contact details (both email and phone number) are released to you after selecting the successful candidates and activating the job. 

Their contact details can be found in the ‘Applicants’ section of the job post once the job has moved to 'Active' status.

We also release your contact details to the active Sidekicks at this time, and request that Sidekick’s contact you directly to confirm their shift details. 

We do request that if you have any further details to pass on to Sidekicks (such as meeting point details, or further briefing details), that you reach out to the Sidekicks and confirm these with them. 

If you have difficulty contacting a Sidekick assigned to a job, please reach out to our Sidekicker support team on 1800 882 694 (AU) or 0800 004 013 (NZ).

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