After you post a job, you will begin receiving Sidekicker applications, usually within the hour.

As you begin to receive applicants, you can lock in the ones you’d like to work with straight away by clicking “Hire (their name)” on their application card. 

By clicking “Hire (Sidekick)”, you are confirming them for the job, and they will be emailed and notified about this confirmation, their shift details, and your contact details so they can confirm with you directly. Their contact details will also be released to you and be available on their applicant card on the job page. 

To remove Sidekicks you’re not interested in working with, simply click the ‘Decline’ button to remove them from the job. 

Once you have hired the required number of Sidekicks, you’ll be able to click “I’ve finished hiring”. 

If you’d like to add more sidekicks to your job, you can change the number of Sidekicks you’d like to hire at any time through the ‘Edit Job” page. If you need to hire less than the originally asked for number of Sidekicks, you can hire the ones you need and click ‘I’m Finished Hiring’ at any point to ensure you don’t receive any more applicants for your job. 

If your job is already filled, but you need more Sidekicks than are currently allocated to your job, you can click the blue ‘Get more Sidekicks’ button on the right side of the dashboard. This will post a new, duplicated version of your job out to our available Sidekicks.  You can read more about this process in our help centre article here. :) 

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