If you’re looking to fill a full time role, Sidekicker offers a cost effective solution to traditional recruiting methods. 

Our product, Smart Hire, allows you to hire Sidekicks off the platform to work for you directly for a flat $1000 fee (excluding GST). 

This transfer ensures they work for you directly, and all their employment details are handled by you directly. 

You will no longer need to use Sidekicker to post your jobs to the Sidekick, and you can liaise with them directly about their shifts and employment. 

The Smart Hire product allows you to effectively ‘try before you buy’ Sidekicks so that you can be sure they’re a good fit for your organisation before you begin working with them full time. 

You’re able to use the Sidekicker platform to directly recruit for ongoing roles, or if you simply work with a Sidekick you’d love to have work for you directly, you can also engage them through the Smart Hire service. 

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