Using Sidekicker, you are able to post requests as either ‘Set Shifts’ or ‘Ongoing Jobs’. 

Set shifts occur over just one day, with a fixed start time and end time which is communicated  to the Sidekick in the job post.

Ongoing shifts are posted over a range of dates, and the specific start time, end times, and breaks are not specified to Sidekicks in the job. These details will need to be communicated to your Sidekicks either in the job description or in briefing information following the job activation.

Set shifts are best if you need one Sidekick over one day. Or if you have shifts that occur over multiple days, but you’re happy to have different sidekicks working on each. 

If you have a shift which takes place over multiple days and you would like the same Sidekick to work all the shifts, it’s best to post this request as an ongoing job. 

In this case, you’ll need to ensure you clearly communicate the days the Sidekick must work in the job description to ensure they’re available. 

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